Legytic was created with you the individual in mind to give you all the information, tools and resources available to make logical and sound legal decisions. We give you the resources to make informed decissions if you decide to represent yourself, create your own legal documents, or hire a legal professional. Not just a directory of lawyers or a library of legal codes but a network of support you can rely on before, during and after any legal scenario.

Legytic provides a unique web interface that encourages interaction between Clients and Lawyers. We give users the ability to learn more about the law and the legal system while providing self help documents for business, personal and criminal litigation.

Legytic has created an analytical tool to evaluate in-depth historical data on lawyer performance allowing its member the ability make informed decisions on whom and when to hire an attorney, enhancing their overall potential for a positive outcome on their legal issues. No longer do you have to rely on biased reviews or a friends opinion!

Lawyers have access to essential resources and tools to effectively conduct their business and enhance their communications which ultimately leads to more customers and better outcomes for their clients.